Home Automation

Loxone is the inventor of Miniserver-based home automation. The company, founded in Austria in 2009, has set a new standard in control solutions for the home, providing a comprehensive solution combining many industry standards.

The Miniserver can control everything under one roof, from lighting, shading and heating to intercoms, alarms, music, watering systems, energy usage and much, much more. The system can be extended at any time and is also perfect for retrofitting.

In contrast to the existing expensive and complicated BUS solutions that exist, Loxone offers an affordable Miniserver-based system, which is also comprehensive and simple to use. Our partners and customers often refer to us the ‘Apple of home automation’. Loxone can be used with any device, whether it’s a normal light switch, KNX switch, PC, touchscreen, iPad or Android smartphone.

If you require any further assistance or have any questions, then please get in contact with us. We also have a demonstration case, so if you want to see the unit working then get in touch.